2H Engineering


2H Engineering is an Edmonton based structural engineering firm.

2H Engineering Services include the Engineering and Drafting(AutoCAD) of the following:

  • Rigging/Lifting Studies for the installation of all sizes of equipment utilizing mobile cranes
  • Transportation Studies for movement of heavy loads (site moves, highway moves, and rail moves)
  • Installation Studies for equipment utilizing non-conventional meth- ods such as Hydraulic Gantries, Lift Towers, Strand Jacks, etc
  • Jack & Slide (Roll) Studies for installation of equipment
  • Design of below the hook lifting devices (spreader bars, lift beams, etc)
  • Design of manbaskets for hoisting personnel
  • Design of transportation saddles, transport beams, module stands, jacking bands, and jacking lugs
  • Desing of lift lugs and tailing beams for the erection of equipment
  • Constructability and Logistical Planning for Transport and Erection of all sizes of equipment